Considering the nature of software, there are always support issues to be addressed with every project. In many ways, support for a product is as important as the product itself. While we are a small company, we pride ourselves upon our support of our work. Due to our size, we cannot at this time offer phone support. We do provide three support paths for our customers. For our Open Source projects, there are community message boards and public support forums that are hosted with the projects on, check the individual projects for details regarding each project.

In addition, we offer two levels of email support. If you find an issue using one of our product, you can contact us at via email, and one of our support staff will attempt to isolate and resolve the issue as promptly as possible. If you are a paying customer, include your product license number, and you will go into our Priority Support queue. Priority Support issues are handled before any other issues in the queue's and will be addressed in the order they come in.

Support Options