ODBC Actions for Automator

A couple of Automator Actions for use with Apple's included Automator scripting tools. These Actions allow ready access to any ODBC Datasource currently configured on your computer.

Each of these actions are just Automator Actions that you can use to build complex workflows, passing in dynamic SQL, or using saved commands. The output results are just dictionaries that are easily consumable by other Automator Actions.

PostgreSQL for Mac

If there is one thing that Apple did not traditionally offer as part of either of the OS X platform, it is a robust & scalable SQL database engine. Though in recent years, the Server package has added PostgreSQL within it, it is neither user configurable, nor good for end user usage, as it is non set up in a very standard manner for a PostgreSQL installation. For developer usage, SQLite is present in the form of Core Data, but that is really just what the name implies, lightweight.

That is not to say there aren’t commercial offerings that meet the needs, there are. Oracle runs on OS X, for a price.