Lost in the shuffle of setting up a database server is the question of getting data in and out of it. Usually, the need for a database comes from an application, but how do developer's get to that database?

How you get to the database largely depends upon your needs and toolset. At the most basic is the C API found in libpq, as provided by PostgreSQL. From there, the choices are many. For Java applications, there is a JDBC driver. There are several commercial and open source ODBC options as well. But what about a toolkit for the Cocoa developer? There are a couple of options there as well.

For the Objective-C developer, we have our own answer. PGSQLKit is a framework for the Cocoa development environment. This is an Objective-C framework written with the intent of being Cocoa like, but also readily approachable by the developer familiar with JDBC, .Net or Microsoft's ADO API's. This framework also adheres to our 'GenDB' specification which allows a Cocoa developer to drop in replace a PGSQLKit framework with ODBCKit or in the future our TDSKit and others as we expand the platform.