PostgreSQL for Mac

If there is one thing that Apple did not traditionally offer as part of either of the OS X platform, it is a robust & scalable SQL database engine. Though in recent years, the Server package has added PostgreSQL within it, it is neither user configurable, nor good for end user usage, as it is non set up in a very standard manner for a PostgreSQL installation. For developer usage, SQLite is present in the form of Core Data, but that is really just what the name implies, lightweight.

That is not to say there aren’t commercial offerings that meet the needs, there are. Oracle runs on OS X, for a price.

Now coming from a Windows background, we were spoiled to two things, easy database access, and the ready availability of a plethora robust SQL engines, in the form of Microsoft’s SQL Server, it’s scaled down sibling, the MSDE, or a host of other 3rd party offerings. These tools had decent engines, and more importantly, easy consumer approachable tools.

On the Mac, there is a profound lack of both engines and tools at the entry level. That is the void this package attempts to resolve. First, to package and install a ‘Macified’ distribution of the Open Source PostgreSQL engine, and then to provide Mac native graphical tools that are consumer approachable, and finally to provide a robust library of Data Access tools covering Java, C/C++, Swift and Objective C.

From there, there are longer term goals of turning the Mac into a competent database host, but also a solid client for managing PostgreSQL databases without the need to learn all of the command line tools.


04/25/2013 - 9.2.4 Release 1

Released as part of the Universal installer, this is now also available here.

  • Updated libpq to 9.1.1
  • released as part of Universal Installer.
  • began GenDB implementation and migration for enQuery
  • Updated iOS package to support iOS 4.3
  • Updated iOS package to suppost Xcode 4.1

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