Initially operating under the umbrella of a partnership with Satori & Associates, Inc[1], Druware has been establishing itself as it’s own corporation. Druware itself, was started by Andy Satori in 1995 as a place to publish the results of several ‘side’ projects. One of those became a part of Object Desktop for Windows as sold by Stardock, Inc[2].

Later, as the owner and lead developer made the personal transition to the Mac platform, the company began to move that way as well. Today, Druware, though capable of Windows development, focuses almost exclusively on the Mac market. Specifically specializing in the Mac database marketplace, with ODBC and PostgreSQL based projects, as well as distribution and support of the PostgreSQL for Mac database engine.

With this foundation in place, Druware is now moving into the tools segment of the database marketplace, and in addition to building a suite of tools focused on managing the data in the small business, after all, who knows better what a small business requires, than a small business itself.

Much of the current product line is either built in part or is fully available under the auspices of an open source license. We are building commercial products as well, but feel that the proper balance of community and commercial must be found for our long term success.

As with many things in life, as we age, we sometimes go off in wildly different directions. So it is that there is another project that is growing, but built entirely on the foundations of what Druware has built. In many ways, that project now drives the continued work on what is here. That project is O.G.R.E. and revolves around building a community and platform of age group athletes competing in endurance sports.

  1. Satori & Associates, Inc and Druware remain closely related.  ↩

  2. Stardock is now two companies, a utilities company and game company.  ↩

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